Avatalker, our Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) App, Gives Everyone a Voice

Jenny McCarthy Endorses Aurora Symbols and Avatalker AAC

“As our autism numbers grow, so does our need to develop better systems for our children to communicate. When I saw what Aurora Symbols developed I knew immediately that this is the next level of communication we need to get behind. I support them and all their endeavors.”

-Jenny McCarthy

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, more than two million people with significant expressive language impairment use AAC. Not all of us are born with the ability to talk, but we all deserve the ability to communicate our needs, thoughts, and feelings. Disabilities like autism and cerebral palsy can affect physical speech, but communication is so much more than that.

Giving a voice to individuals with developmental disabilities, injuries and other impairments empowers them. It enables them to speak for and advocate for themselves. Caretakers & educators do their best to interpret and understand a child’s needs and wants, but nothing takes the place of speaking for yourself. Technology, in the form of AAC apps, assistive technology devices, and speech-generating devices, to name a few, allow kids and adults alike to communicate.

Often, the augmentative and alternative communication technology that allows this empowerment is prohibitively expensive and difficult to use. That’s why we created Avatalker AAC and Aurora Symbol Set.

Solve Real-World Problems with AAC Apps

Augmentative and alternative communication devices and apps solve a variety of challenges both caretakers and the disabled suffer from. They take the frustration out of interactions and allow the user to have a voice of their own in decision-making.

Some of the most apparent problems they solve are:

  • Improving social interactions.
  • Discerning wants and needs.
  • Delivering care for injuries, disabilities, and syndromes.
  • Allowing empowerment, the user can order their own food at a restaurant or answer questions on their own.
  • Assisting with education, the individual can ask questions and interact with the teacher.
  • Easing frustration.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here’s What People Are Saying About Avatalker AAC


Claudia L. – CA

“Scarlett has started to speak a lot more since we received the Avatalker. It has been a godsend and a twist to our way of life! No more guessing what she wants and less frustrations and tantrums . We will be going to stage 2 soon. I think any child who is on the spectrum will benefit from this! Every child should be able to communicate even if it requires assistance. Bless you all and all your doing for families like mine.”


Jennifer S. – IL (Mother of 5-year-old)

“Beautifully designed. Very intuitive. Keeps kids engaged. I love the endless options of nouns, verbs, adjectives. Any sentence seems possible. Can be used by a beginner, an advanced user or wide variety of ages. Very versatile; worth the money. I and our speech therapist very impressed with its simplicity of use but complexity of options and possibilities. Amazing app!!”


Susan S. – CA (Mother of 14-year-old)

“My son has taken a lot of interest in this app. He chooses to use it as much as some of his game apps. With time he will be able to communicate much more effectively with this app. His school IEP will be soon, it will be added as a goal and used in his speech therapy sessions. This app will be an essential device used in the field of SLPs in the near future.”

AAC Apps in the Real World

There are many ways to use augmentative and alternative communication apps. Whether at home, school, or even in a therapeutic setting. It can be used to discuss injuries and illness with an adolescent or help a child order their own food at a restaurant. A teen can ask questions during class. Parents can ask their children how they’re feeling and talk about going to a friend or family member’s house. There are so many things that can be accomplished when someone who is non-verbal is given a voice.

Why Avatalker Should be Your #1 Choice

Avatalker AAC was created with love by a father trying to help his autistic daughter navigate the world. Big software conglomerates don’t care about everyday struggles facing families the way we do.

Avatalker AAC is a two-stage system allowing those with diverse skills to use the system that works best for them.

Stage one is an easy to use “wants and needs” app with preset and custom items and phrases.

Stage two offers a full communication system with a powerful set of features. It allows the user to build phrases and sentences using powerful grammar tools.

Avatalker AAC was built for nonverbal children and adolescents to allow them to create phrases and sentences with well-designed pictographic representations.

Other features include:

  • Fully customizable phrases and photos.
  • Adjustable defaults.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Vocabulary database that can be arranged by association.
  • Scalable button sizes.
  • Auto grammar that can be turned on and off.
  • Menus that can be turned on and off.
  • Releasing in late 2020 – Back-up, restore and share settings!

The Aurora Symbol Set vs. Other Symbol Sets

cleaning symbol set


coaching symbol set


dinner symbol set


doctor symbol set


relax symbol set


Surprise symbol set


Avatalker is Your Best Choice in AAC Apps

Avatalker AAC boasts a ton of features, but the enhanced usability makes it a cut above the rest. Our symbols are far more realistic than the stick figures used by lesser apps. We created high-quality symbols to make sure kids and adults alike can quickly scan through the list and find what they need.

We know difficulty finding the right images and symbols causes a high level of aggravation that makes using the app pointless. That’s why we’ve created and tested the best symbol library to illustrate words and phrases. We want every interaction to be streamlined and satisfying.

In the same vein, we’ve designed our augmentative & alternative communication system with the ability to turn phrases into questions. A child or teen may not know they want to ask a question until after they’ve started. This feature flips from statement to question with the tap of a button! Ease of use is our top priority.

Avatalker AAC App in action

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