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The Power Of Avatalker AAC

Vocalizing thoughts, needs, and emotions give us power. Self-expression is the key to empowerment and independence. Children and adults with expressive learning disabilities like Autism may not have been born with the gift of speech, but they still have the desire to communicate with those around them.

Avatalker AAC is a unique learning system that was created in the form of an app to allow these special kids and adolescents to express their needs, hopes, wants, and desires with ease.

Avatalker AAC iOS App Solves Communication Struggles in the Classroom

The Avatalker AAC iOS app for iPad & iPad Mini allows speech-impaired children and young adults to communicate their needs, wants, and desires audibly. Our unique learning system helps nonverbal kids overcome real-life issues they come across every day. It’s a tool that aids them in vocalizing opinions, advocating for themselves, and making decisions.

Our Avatalker AAC App Boosts:

  • Classroom participation.
  • Interacting with other students.
  • Communicating needs with teachers and aides.
  • Learning and growing in the education environment.

Classrooms are Transformed with Avatalker AAC

Avatalker AAC is great for the classroom. It only requires an iPad or iPad Mini device, which can be easily packed up and moved from class to class, or between class and home.

Our Avatalker AAC app brings clarity to conversations by speaking phrases or sentences constructed by your student. No more guessing. With a few taps on the screen, your nonverbal student can ask questions, tell you what they need, or interact in a classroom discussion. Students, teachers, and caregivers can. now bond and thrive in the learning environment.

Classrooms are Transformed with Avatalker AAC
Why Avatalker AAC is Right for Educators and Their Students

Why Avatalker AAC is Right for Educators and Their Students

Avatalker AAC offers customizable features that work for every situation. It’s an augmentative and alternative communication solution that can be used right out of the box with no training or special programming.

Stages Built for Expression at All Levels

Most AAC apps lump all of their features under one umbrella. Avatalker AAC separates “wants and needs” selection from its phrase-building features, so your nonverbal child or student can learn to use the app without being overwhelmed by unneeded clutter on the screen. This makes communicating easy, right “out of the box!”

Avatalker AAC comes fully configured with preset phrases and items. It can be further customized with images, photos, and phrases to fit any child’s needs and understanding. Stage one addresses wants and needs. When a picture or icon is tapped, a word or phrase is instantly spoken.

Stage two is more advanced. In this stage, a child can build phrases or full sentences utilizing its powerful grammar tools. For ease of navigation, the vocabulary is arranged in categories by semantic association to improve navigation ease.

Fully Customizable Interface

Every part of this app can be customized! Construct your own phrases and vocabulary, or upload photos quickly and easily to personalize the app. Adjust the button sizes to make appropriate tap targets for most any level of motor ability. If they’re capable of interacting with a touch screen, Avatalker AAC can be adjusted to suit their needs! Activate or deactivate the Grammar Menus as needed. The best part is everything is 100% scalable to fit any user’s needs.

View The Fully Customizable Interface Of Avatalker AAC
Natural, Accessible, and Adaptable for All Nonverbal Children

Natural, Accessible, and Adaptable for All

Avatalker AAC uses the Aurora Symbol Set library, which uses illustrations that are more realistic depictions of everyday items than the stick-like figures you’re given with lesser AAC apps. This reduces frustration in searching for words and results in faster, more accurate communication. Phrases your child builds can be changed into questions by tapping the “question-conversion” button. And phrase-building is optimized to keep finger touches to a minimum.

Back-Up and Share

New for late 2020 — you can now back-up, restore, and share settings. Getting a new communication device? Just upload your settings and images to the cloud, and you can install them on your new device. Need to set up several devices or even a whole classroom? You can set up your defaults and download them to all devices straight from the cloud.

  • Customizable defaults.
  • Vocabulary database categorized by association.
  • Adaptable button sizes.
  • Turn grammar drop-down menus on or off as needed.
  • New for late 2020 – Back-up, restore and share settings!
Back-Up and Share Your Aurora Symbols

Avatalker was made with love for our family, and now we want to help yours!

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