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Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Technology

As you know, the ability to communicate is empowering. Having a voice in the world allows you to live a functional, more independent life of your choosing. Children and adults with autism and other expressive learning disabilities may not have been born with the ability to speak, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to say.

Our Avatalker AAC app was designed to give the gift of speech to these special kids and adults. With Avatalker AAC, they can express their wants, needs, hopes, and desires quickly and effectively.

Jenny McCarthy Endorses Aurora Symbols & The Avatalker AAC App

“As our autism numbers grow, so does our need to develop better systems for our children to communicate. When I saw what Aurora Symbols developed I knew immediately that this is the next level of communication we need to get behind. I support them and all their endeavors.”

-Jenny McCarthy

Avatalker AAC iOS App Solves Everyday Communication Challenges

The Avatalker AAC app can be installed on iPads & iPad Minis. This powerful communication combination gives nonverbal children and adults a voice to express their needs, wants, and desires. It solves real-world problems your speech-impaired child may encounter every day. It allows individuals with disabilities to make their own decisions, express their opinions, and advocate for themselves.

Just a few of the things our Avatalker AAC App improves are:

  • Socializing and making friends.
  • Helping parents care for kids who may be impaired or injured.
  • Letting kids order for themselves at a restaurant.
  • Helping the speech-impaired to answer questions on their own.
  • Participating at school.
  • Most importantly, eliminating frustration at home and school caused by your child not being able to speak their mind.
Avatalker AAC iOS App Solves Everyday Communication Challenges
Families Thrive with Avatalker AAC

Families Thrive with Avatalker AAC

Avatalker AAC can be used at home, in school or on the go. It only requires an iPad or iPad Mini, so there’s no bulky equipment to carry around. Avatalker AAC takes the guesswork out of conversations by speaking phrases or sentences built by your child.

Gone are the days of guessing and playing 50 questions; instead, a few taps on the screen will allow your nonverbal child or student to express themselves clearly. Giving your child a voice will help them (and your family) thrive!

Why Avatalker is Right for You and Your Child

The Avatalker AAC app has a wealth of features and benefits for you and your child. First and foremost, it provides you with an augmentative and alternative communication solution that anyone can use right out of the box. Its affordable price means that it’s accessible for all households. Never a charge to update and there’s no subscription to renew. It’s yours for life. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this robust, full-featured AAC app.

Two Skill Stages, Maximized for Ease of Use

Unlike most AAC apps, Avatalker separates “wants and needs” selection from its phrase-building features, to make it far easier for your nonverbal child or adult to learn and to use to express themselves.

Avatalker AAC App Stage 1

Stage 1

Stage one addresses wants and needs. It comes out of the box with preset phrases and items, but can be easily customized. With the tap of a photo or icon, a word or phrase is instantly spoken.

Avatalker AAC App Stage 2

Stage 2

Stage two allows the child to build phrases or full sentences utilizing its powerful grammar tools. The vocabulary is arranged, in categories, by semantic association to improve ease of navigation.

Easily Customizable Features and Functions

All parts of our AAC app are customizable! You can upload your own photos and create your own vocabulary and phrases. Button sizes can be adjusted. Grammar Menus can be turned off, and everything is 100% scalable to fit with any user’s needs.

Easily Customizable Features and Functions
Our AAC App is Intuitive

Intuitive and Simple to Use

Avatalker AAC uses the Aurora Symbol Set library, which uses illustrations that are more realistic depictions of everyday items than the stick-like figures you’re given with other AAC apps. This reduces frustration in searching for words and results in faster, more accurate communication. Phrases your child builds can be changed into questions by tapping the “question-conversion” button. And phrase-building is optimized to keep finger touches to a minimum.

Fully Adjustable Defaults

All default settings can be adjusted to customize your AAC app for any child or adult! Teachers or caregivers can adjust things like:

  • Skill Stages 1 or 2
  • Button Sizes
  • Voice Options
  • Hiding or activating categories
  • Hiding or activating items/content
  • Hiding or activating subcategories
  • Text line length
  • Hiding or activating specific drop-down grammar menus
Fully Adjustable Defaults
Vocabulary Database Categorized by Association

Vocabulary Database Categorized by Association

The vocabulary database is organized by association, allowing for intuitive navigation.

Scalable Button Sizes

All buttons can be resized to improve usability for any age and dexterity level.

The App's Button Sizes Are Scalable
Grammar Drop-down menus that can be turned on and off

Grammar Drop-down Menus that can be Turned On and Off

Toggle grammar drop-down menus to customize for advanced and basic users.

Releasing in Late 2020 – Back-up, Restore and Share Settings!

Coming soon!

Back-up, Restore and Share Settings

Avatalker AAC was made with love for our family, and now we want to help yours!

Download Avatalker Today!


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iOS app that gives nonverbal children, teens, and adults the ability to communicate. Learn More


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iOS app that gives nonverbal children, teens, and adults the ability to communicate. Learn More


Core-Vocabulary Quick-Communication Boards for School & Home Learn More


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