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Jenny McCarthy

Aurora Symbols and its products are endorsed by actress, author, and host Jenny McCarthy! Mrs. McCarthy-Wahlberg is passionate about the well-being and happiness of children and adults on the autism spectrum and has been an active advocate and fundraiser for various autism charities for many years!

“As our autism numbers grow, so does our need to develop better systems for our children to communicate. When I saw what Aurora Symbols developed I knew immediately that this is the next level of communication we need to get behind. I support them and all their endeavors.” 

Jenny McCarthy endorses Aurora Symbols
National Autism Association endorses Aurora Symbols
Avatalker AAC is a vital component of the NAA's Give A Voice Program

National Autism Association

Avatalker AAC is endorsed by the National Autism Association and is a vital component of their “Give A Voice Program!”

The intent of NAA’s ‘Give A Voice’ program is to provide communication devices to individuals with autism who are nonverbal or minimally verbal, and whose communication challenges put them at increased risk of injury or harm.

This program is intended for families who are in dire need of financial assistance and are otherwise unable to obtain a communication device.

NAA’s Give A Voice Program will provide qualifying individuals with an assistive communication device including:

  • A 32GB Apple® iPad® (9.7″ Newest Generation – Wi-Fi Only)
  • AppleCare+ Protection Plan
  • Avatalker AAC Augmentative & Alternative Communication Software App
  • Protective Case

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