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Avatalker AAC Giveaway for Parents

Parents of non-verbal children and young adults can give their loved ones a voice this holiday, absolutely free to 100 lucky families ($149 value).

Please click on the button below and fill out our brief questionnaire to be entered into our drawing. Winners will be announced on social media at the end of December.

Free Download of Avatalker AAC Promo for Parents

Past Offers

Free Download of Avatalker AAC Promo for Speech Pathologists, Therapists & Special Ed Teachers

Avatalker AAC Giveaway for Teachers & Therapists

We gave away FREE copies of Avatalker AAC to Speech Pathologists, Therapists & Special Ed Teachers of non-verbal students. A $149 value!

November winners include:

  1. Elizabeth C. Peak Potential Therapy
  2. Sharon H. Tucson Unified School District
  3. Alexandra F. Metro Deaf School
  4. Deirdre M. Oregon Health & Science University
  5. April P. Fred Assam Elementary School
  6. Terri N. Teachwell Solutions
  7. Rosario R. Bilingual Multicultural Services, Inc.
  8. Pat S. Patricia Schwinn Speech Language Communication Ser
  9. Pat M. Saint Paul Public Schools in Minnesota
  10. Kara R. Campbell County School District in Wyoming

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Jenny McCarthy Endorses Aurora Symbols and Avatalker AAC

Jenny McCarthy

“As our autism numbers grow, so does our need to develop better systems for our children to communicate. When I saw what Aurora Symbols developed I knew immediately that this is the next level of communication we need to get behind. I support them and all their endeavors.”

National Autism Association

National Autism Association

Avatalker AAC is endorsed by the National Autism Association and is a vital component of their “Give A Voice Program!”

The intent of NAA’s ‘Give A Voice’ program is to provide communication devices to individuals with autism who are nonverbal or minimally verbal, and whose communication challenges put them at increased risk of injury or harm.

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Avatalker® AAC is an iOS app that gives nonverbal children, teens, and adults the ability to communicate.Learn More

iOS app that gives nonverbal children, teens, and adults the ability to communicate. Learn More


Symbol-based page layout app designed for building customized visual supports in special ed classrooms. Learn More


Symbol set library designed for caregivers and educators of nonverbal children and adults.Learn More