Aurora Symbols designs Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) solutions designed to be user-friendly, simple and powerful. Optimized for those who may have challenges with motor skills and visual processing as well as attention deficits.

norm nanstiel

Norman Nanstiel, Sr.


Norm Nanstiel is a veteran art director and commercial illustrator, Norman ran his own advertising art studio from the early 1970’s well into the 2000’s working for national clients such as Sears Roebuck, etc. As a grandfather to a special needs child, Norm has committed himself to helping children with Autism communicate more effectively.

Erik Nanstiel

Erik Nanstiel

Vice President

Erik Nanstiel is a veteran graphic designer and copywriter with a background in publishing and advertising. He founded and was executive director of an autism 501c3 nonprofit from 2003 to 2012. He is codesigner of Avatalker AAC and principal designer of SymBoard Builder.

Dana Klepitch-Pelke

Dana Klepitch-Pelke

Projects Manager

Dana Klepitch-Pelke is a veteran teacher with a BA in Psychology and a Masters degree in Special Education and co-designer of Avatalker AAC who authored its vocabulary database. She has extensive expertise working directly with special needs children with communication deficits and brings unique insight to Aurora Symbols’ design strategies.

Kevin "T-Bone" Lind

Kevin Lind

Director of Sales & Business Development

Kevin Lind is Aurora Symbols’ Director of Sales & Business Development. Kevin has a proven track record in selling software and development services to a wide variety of clients with seven-figure sales numbers to his credit.

He has also served our country in the Army during the Persian Gulf War in an armored division. He spent two years in Germany guarding the Fulda Gap. Originally a salesman with Metova (the firm that developed Avatalker for Aurora Symbols), Kevin made a lateral move to Hughes Education Software, selling software to school districts nationwide before joining the Aurora Symbols team in 2019.

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