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Read real reviews from parents, teachers, and caregivers using the Aurora Symbols symbol sets and our Avatalker AAC app to communicate better with their nonverbal children, young adults, and students.


One of NAA's #GiveAVoice grant recipients writes:

“We received an iPad with Avatalker AAC on it. This has been amazing. [Our twins] were both nonverbal over a year ago and still today they don’t speak much.

Funny story, they were playing about a week ago and Roan pushed Kellan off the bed. Kellan was upset and he grabbed the iPad and had it say ‘Roan is bad’ ‘Kellan is a good boy.’ Roan then got upset and kept pushing the ‘sorry’ picture. It was so funny to watch them go back and forth on it talking with each other. Before, that situation would have turned into a full blown meltdown for both of them.

Thank you so much this device has been wonderful for our family.”

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Avatalker AAC review from one of NAA's #GiveAVoice grant recipients

Claudia L. – CA

“Scarlett has started to speak a lot more since we received the Avatalker. It has been a godsend and a twist to our way of life! No more guessing what she wants and less frustrations and tantrums . We will be going to stage 2 soon. I think any child who is on the spectrum will benefit from this! Every child should be able to communicate even if it requires assistance. Bless you all and all your doing for families like mine.”


Jennifer S. – IL (Mother of 5-year-old)

“Beautifully designed. Very intuitive. Keeps kids engaged. I love the endless options of nouns, verbs, adjectives. Any sentence seems possible. Can be used by a beginner, an advanced user or wide variety of ages. Very versatile; worth the money. I and our speech therapist very impressed with its simplicity of use but complexity of options and possibilities. Amazing app!!”


Susan S. – CA (Mother of 14-year-old)

“My son has taken a lot of interest in this app. He chooses to use it as much as some of his game apps. With time he will be able to communicate much more effectively with this app. His school IEP will be soon, it will be added as a goal and used in his speech therapy sessions. This app will be an essential device used in the field of SLPs in the near future.”


Lisa K.– IL (Mother of 7-year-old)

“The customizing helped; made it very easy for her to request. I used it with a few other children (Stage 2); they navigated very well. When sentence building was clear to them they seemed to enjoy being able to express themselves. This by far the best app available and better than another device I have seen or used.”


Wendy C.–GA (Mother of 8-year-old)

“The customization made it so much more meaningful for my daughter. She was able to ask for things that she has had no verbalization for until now. This expanded her ability to communicate and I plan on building that up. Thank you.”


Victoria W.– NM (Mother of 11-year-old)

“My grandson is getting auditory processing therapy but we could never get an accurate test on his hearing to know the ranges he could not tolerate. We set up 2 buttons on Stage 1 for him: ‘That sound is ok’ and ‘Oh no! That’s too loud!’ Well, we are proud and pleased to report that he completed the ENTIRE screening, and answered every question first touching the buttons, and then reading them! We are SOOOO excited! Thank you Avatalker and Thank you Aurora Symbols!”

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iOS app that gives nonverbal children, teens, and adults the ability to communicate. Learn More


Core-Vocabulary Quick-Communication Boards for School & Home Learn More


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